Saturday, January 5, 2008


Tamarack provided an example of a mixed blessing. It was snowing hard, with a load of fresh powder - but the wind and visibility prevented summit access, and stopped all backcountry riding as well. Instead of a scheduled cat ski trip, I joined a first tracks group - which turned out to be possibly the best snowboarding experience I have had to date. In spite of the weather, I followed our guide to powder stashed all over the lower mountain.

The blanket of white was deep and soft, and we cut lines through it all as part of a photo session - it was a blast to be on the hill before the crowds, farming turns with a crew of experienced guides and guests. I was having such a good time, and the conditions were so good, that I found myself nearly overtaking the guide at times.

By the end of the guided riding, I was familiar with the main runs on the hill, and started to branch out to areas farther afield as the day progressed. Later I ran into a gentleman from the morning's group, and we did some laps on the Wildwood chair, racing from powder stash to powder stash on our way back to lunch.

After lunch, it was time for trees, and I made my way along the boundaries where the trees were well-spaced for cruising. Once I had worn myself out, I walked back to the lodge for a massage. After a week on the slopes, it was wonderful to have some tension released, and I gathered myself for the drive ahead.

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