Friday, January 4, 2008


I arrived early at Brundage, in time to survey the lodge, and learn my way around the facilities. News of my arrival preceded me, and I was greeted by the snow reporter for Brundage, who sent me off to take a run on my own in Hidden Valley, and then met me at the lift for my second run, and proceeded to give me a fresh tracks tour of the mountain. I had a great time with the fresh powder on top of groomed, about three inches of very light and dry snow which was ideal for turning with speed.

It was a beautiful morning, just a little windy, and once I knew my way around the lift system, I started mining for powder. At Brundage, I found it to be a very easy task - and as the day went on, heavy snow developed, and the whole mountain quickly became a powder playground. I especially enjoyed the new Lakeview area, which has some wonderful glades and also some splendid groomers. The area known as Mexico also was very nice - it held shocking amounts of powder, with nary a track to be found.

As the morning went on, the snow continued to pile up, and I started to run laps through the terrain park in between powder runs just to give myself a little rest. The hint of snow provided by the Little Ski Hill the previous night became a raucous assault of powder at Brundage, and made this one great powder day to remember. The layout at Brundage is very nice, and most of the runs require very little runout, which is especially appreciated on a powder day.

One of Brundage's landmarks can be seen below. In case you are having trouble discerning - this is a tree with festive ornamentation consisting of undergarments.

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