Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Kelly Canyon

Kelly Canyon is a relatively small hill, served by a set of fixed double chairs. Their weekday operations begin at 12:30pm, and shortly thereafter they have a lesson session for local youngsters, who crowd the slope by the rope tow, and do laps on the shorter chair run above the tow. The big kids were riding the summit lift, which was the main lift serving the hill today. There is also another lift that reaches a little farther up the hill to access the back bowl, but today this lift was not turning.

I had another very nice powder day, and wasted no time ripping fresh tracks all over the hill, from the terrain park to the face, and all the way around the powder-filled areas to skier's right. It was a windy and low visibility day, but the turns were very nice, and although there were plenty of people on the hill, most were occupied in lessons at the base area, leaving abundant fresh tracks for those heading to the top of the hill.

Although the cruising on the lower mountain was great, and there were even some well-placed jumps which I greatly enjoyed, I had an urge to see what I was missing on the powder chair runs. I nabbed an off-duty employee, and we hiked to the top for a run of fresh tracks around the backside of the hill. It was a perfect finale for a fine day of cruising.

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