Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Silver Mountain

Silver Mountain is accessible only by gondola, which runs from the base area in Kellogg about three miles up the hill to the lodge on the mountain. The ride is, like any lift ride, weather dependent. Today it was a very windy day, so the ride was slightly slower than usual, and it was about 30 minutes from load to unload. It still got me to the top before the chairs were open, so I checked out the lodge, and planned a cinnamon roll break for later.

I made my way down to the chair, and took a ride to the top of Kellogg Peak - and after a run on the groomers, I took the plunge into the North Face glades. I was amazed at the great snow conditions in the trees, and surprised to find so much powder untracked after a night without snow and a holiday weekend. Other parts of the hill did show some wear, but in the trees, and where the bushes were exposed, plenty of goods were on display.

I gazed longingly at the stashes below Wardner Peak, but the traverse and climb were more than I could handle on my sore knee, so I stuck with the trees below the ridge, zigzagging my way to powder stashes throughout.

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