Thursday, January 10, 2008


I had heard before I arrived that Pomerelle was very friendly for beginner skiers and riders. The day before my arrival, the area was closed - 26 inches of snow had closed the road, and it took all day and night to clear the blockage. Anticipating ample fresh powder, and plenty of pristine groomers, my father and I set out for the base area, at an elevation around 8,000 feet.

We arrived early, and located the critical service areas for food and rentals. I set out for a lap in the powder while dad checked out some gear to begin his day on the slopes. He elected to add a private lesson along with his rental, so I spent the morning exploring the gentle rolling slopes, and charting trails through the powder-rich trees.

Once the lesson was done, we grabbed a bite to eat before heading out to try a run together on the lower chair. We made our way down the slope, and all the way down successfully, but after three hours on the board, dad was done - I took off for a few more hours of turns, fresh powder for the whole day, and plenty of fun cruising. Nothing at Pomerelle was steep enough to cause me any worry, so I roamed the mountain from one end to the other.

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styrofoamtoo said...

Hieghty-Ho David! Boy, the road up was a challenge, but your driving was great!! This dad was burnt after just 3 hours a 8000 feet; who would have thought that so much fun could be such hard work?! This place is a great place to learn to ski or snowboard. My instructor Josh was very patient with me and the slopes were very forgiving. What a workout....