Monday, January 7, 2008

Sun Valley

There is little I could say about Sun Valley that has not been said before, and probably more eloquently. This is a posh resort if ever I have seen one, and everything is done well. Despite less than perfect weather, and equipment malfunction, I found Sun Valley a very nice place for riding - there is a very good range of terrain, the grooming is generally very good, and there are ample runs to keep a person busy for days.

Unfortunately for me, Sun Valley still caters primarily to the skiing public, and when I found myself with a broken binding strap two hours into my day, the repair shop at the base area directed me to a snowboard shop in Ketchum. Apparently Sun Valley does not carry any Burton equipment or parts. After a detour into town, I resumed my day on the hill, doing laps in the lesser-used corners of the ski area, seeking and destroying powder pockets and smooth corduroy.

I grabbed lunch on Seattle Ridge, did some laps on the wonderfully long Warm Springs chair, and eventually wore myself out with moguls and called it a day.

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