Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Pebble Creek

Fortune was smiling on me today, as I found myself in a powder playground at Pebble Creek. This little treasure is located just south of Pocatello, barely a thirty minute drive from town, and is well-loved by locals for the quality of terrain and easy access. I was concerned about the report of an 11 inch base, but I found that the coverage on the hill was actually not too bad, and the fresh powder was fantastic.

The folks at Pebble Creek were also kind enough to provide me with a personal tour of the slopes, and I discovered that with a little traversing, there were quite a few runs , and most were reasonably steep. I enjoyed a few runs beyond the ropes as well, which I have learned is standard practice in Idaho. Unlike Oregon ski areas, Idaho areas have very liberal open boundary policies, allowing unparalleled backcountry access.

The pitches at Pebble Creek are very consistent, and steep enough to satisfy my need for speed, but what really made this a great day was the abundant powder - and locals who were more than happy to show off the goods. I never lacked for company, and always had a chance to chat on the lift, as well as a point in the right direction.

With the amount of backcountry terrain around Pebble Creek, there is certainly something for everyone, and as the coverage improves, the steeper pitches will only become more and more enjoyable. In bounds or out, Pebble offers slopes for all skill levels, and the locals couldn't be more friendly.

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