Saturday, January 12, 2008

Bogus Basin

My tour of Idaho came to a close at Bogus Basin on an especially busy Saturday. I grabbed my ticket at the ticket office in town to avoid any lines on the hill, and found the drive a little slow, but not unbearable. I suited up and headed to the slopes, and started with a tour of the hill, taking a series of runs clockwise around the hill until I returned to the base area for lunch.

After a bite to eat, I continued to explore the backside of the hill, and found every run very inviting, and nothing particularly steep or problematic. I had a blast seeking out powder in the trees, and the groomers held up quite nicely through the day. The layout of the hill, and heavy crowds, meant that the base area lifts had lines most of the day - but the lifts on the other slopes were moving very smoothly, and the lines all were very orderly.

I could hardly hope to see all of Bogus Basin in one day, but from the exploration I did accomplish, I found the hill an enjoyable cruise, with some great sections to interest most any rider. Aside from the large crowds due to Boise's proximity, there is little to complain about at Bogus - despite the name.

As a tribute to my final day in Idaho, I thought it fitting to visit the run at Bogus known as "Last Chance" - a fine back diamond that held wonderful powder, and proved once again that Idaho has some of the finest snow around.


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Jeff said...

Nice job: don't forget Blizzard Mountain!

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