Sunday, December 30, 2007

Bald Mountain

Bald Mountain is another small T-bar served area, out at the remote end of the Gold Rush Scenic Byway, north of Pierce, ID. This gem of a family ski area is nestled on a peak, with a mid-mountain lodge and beginner tow, and situated with ridge access at the top providing a very wide swath of terrain. Again, it was destined to be a powder day, with about a foot or two loose on top with another two feet or more of base. Steeper than the previous two, Bald Mountain provided plenty of challenge, with great powder, tight trees, and an excellent face below the upper lift house with fresh turns all day.

I followed some friendly locals to find the powder stashes, and even watched some backwoods cliff jumpers brave a 20 foot leap over rocks and into powder. It was clear in the morning, and snowed lightly in the afternoon, making for a very nice snow day. By the end, I was getting a bit tired, and finally had my first unscheduled dismount from the T-bar - so I decided to call it a day. After three more runs in deep powder, I fell again, and really did call it a day. On to bigger things...

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styrofoamtoo said... to pace yourself; you have many days ahead of you. Looks like the weather is cooperating nicely and the powder keeps coming!Have fun and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!Styrofoamtoo